Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have some  questions yourself about the system and how it can help you, please take a quick look at the some other frequently asked questions below…

…But if you still unsure about anything or have any questions whatsoever then don’t be afraid to shoot me an email.

1. How do I know Ejaculation Advisor will work for me?

Quite simply because it has already worked for hundreds of guys (of different ages and backgrounds) from all over the world.This system has dramatically changed their lives and elevated them to an unworldly level of sexual performance -levels that they had previously thought was impossible……And because I’m so confident that this system will work for you, it comes with a no questions asked 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee!

2. Does the system use any drugs?

Absolutely Not!

Whilst some drugs may be effective in the short-term, they are not only very expensive, but also have adverse side-effects and long-term health implications.Did you know that prolonged use of creams can permanently ruin the sensitivity of your penis… and do you really want to be popping a pill every time you’re about to have sex?

Then join the hundreds of other men who have already beat premature ejaculation – drug free!

3. How quickly will I see results?


Ejaculation Advisor is available as an e-book (compatible with both Windows and Mac) that you can download immediately to your very own computer or Kindle.The system also contains step-by-step instructions, techniques and methods that you can begin to use as early as tonight.

4. Is this a permanent solution?

Yes. Unlike other available solutions (such as drugs and creams) this is permanent solution – saving you thousands.You will not be required to continually repurchase expensive medication and unlike other products I don’t believe in recurring billing or hidden costs.

So there’s only a once-off payment, for a lifetime of longer lasting and more pleasurable sex.

5. What about my privacy?

Unlike other companies, there no embarrassing phone calls or intrusive consultations.Your order is safely, securely and anonymously handled by the respected and trusted online payment companies Stripe and PayPal. Which also means that at no time do I have access to your credit card details or personal information.Better yet, to ensure your privacy (and any potentially embarrassing situations) your account will be billed by PayPal with absolutely no references to Ejaculation Advisor.

The transaction will simply appear on your statement as Pli*E.A.

Take a second think about what that will mean for you. Soon:

  • You will have the all sexual stamina you’ve always wanted
  • You will be enjoying sex more than you ever have
  • You will feel amazing knowing you have the power to deeply satisfy your wife, girlfriend or lover and give her multiple orgasms
  • You will get to feel incredible about having your lover ask you for sex, because it makes her feel so amazing
  • most of all you’ll have the security of knowing you gave her the best sex she’s ever had and she has no reason to go looking for satisfaction anywhere else.

So take advantage of this zero risk offer and discover how to last longer in bed starting tonight.

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