How to Last Longer in Bed to End Premature Ejaculation

Hi I’m Randy Rochester, a professional psychotherapist and relationship coach in California.

I am about to show how to last longer in bed and how I took myself from being able to last only 10 seconds to having full control over my orgasms.

I will show you how I was able to last over 30 minutes in bed consistently.

Also I’d like to show you how making this change literally transformed my sex life.

How it made me able to give my girlfriend the best and most intensely pleasurable sex she’s ever had and how I now have her begging me for sex instead of the other way around.

Methods for Everyone

Now I’m really excited to be sharing, what I did to gain control over my orgasms.

How I learned to give my lover the most intense orgasms of her life. Also how I got her to love having sex with me over and over again.

These methods doesn’t just work for me. They work for virtually any man. Including you. In fact it works regardless of:

  • How short you last right now
  • Whether you’re single, in a relationship or married
  • How old you are
  • How old she is
  • Where you’re from
  • How big you are ‘down there’
  • And regardless of what your woman does or has been like in bed in the past.

I’ll actually prove this to you with examples of other men who’ve used my approach successfully.

The other thing I want you to know is that, a lot of what I’ve got to share with you are methods and approaches to sex that I personally discovered.

I haven’t seen any of these techniques anywhere else.

Forget any idea you have read in any men’s magazine or so-called ‘expert’ websites.

The techniques I’m going to show you about how to last longer in bed are fresh, new and guess what? They actually work!

What worked for me and the other men I’ve since taught this, is 100% natural.

image about no pills or creamsPlus, Unlike many other techniques you’ve probably come across, they don’t make sex less fun.

They don’t require you to do any weird stuff such as special condoms, strange cream, pills or complex gadgets.

Studies and Research

Now since you are reading this, you already realize that it’s pretty important as a guy to be able to learn how to last long in bed.

But what you might not realize is just how essential it really is.

Before I get into exactly what I and many other men do to have complete control over our orgasms; I want to share an interesting fact with you. And that fact is:

A study carried out at Brown University found that during foreplay and sex, women take on average (of course there are exceptions) 15 minutes to reach orgasms.

Now what it doesn’t take a researcher to figure out is:

If you can’t last at least 15 minutes during sex, then you’ve got a problem.

dissatisfied woman looking about to cameraIf you can’t last 15 minutes minimum, then the chances are that most of the time you’re physically unable to bring your lover to orgasm during sex and satisfy her.

Effects on Relationships

Sure, you might be able to give her orgasm through oral sex or fingering, but is it really the same?

I’ve personally found, and I’m sure you know this intuitively too, that no level of sexual satisfaction in a woman can be compared to having her experience and orgasm through sex.

So not being able to give your lover an orgasm during sex is obviously not a great situation to be in as a guy, but unfortunately, That’s not the worst of it.

Do you want to know what’s even scarier than the fact that most men can’t last long enough to satisfy their lover?  According to studies:

The number one reason for relationships break-ups and divorce is Infidelity.

A picture of a couple having a tough timeIn other words, the most common reason for a relationship ending is having your lover cheat on you and have sex with someone else.

And why do you think people have sex with someone outside of their current relationship? Because they are not satisfied by their current partner.

Why else would someone put themselves through all the pain, guilt and shame that they know will come from cheating?

The only reason can be because they are not being satisfied in their current relationship.

Now of course I’m not saying that sex is the only factor in a successful relationship. However, it’s hard to deny the fact that if you don’t know how to last longer in bed then you’ve got a problem.

Right now, you could be risking your lover looking elsewhere for sexual satisfaction.

Woman glancing to her phone while huggingNow having shared these facts with you, I want you to know that my aim of telling this isn’t to scare you.

It’s to make you aware of how important it is to learn how to last longer in bed.

Because the cost of not being able to satisfy your lover in bed is immediate and too severe to ignore.

Pleasuring Your Partner

As a quick side note, if you’re a single guy then realize that everything I say about relationships still applies to you.

Because if you ever plan on wanting to keep a woman interested in you for longer than one night, then you need to know this.

Now on a lighter note, the upsides of having control over your orgasms are incredible. As I’ve already shown you, it takes women on average 15 minutes to reach orgasm. However:

Knowing how to last longer in bed more than 15 minutes, gives you the power to give your woman multiple orgasms.

Women are naturally able to experience orgasms many times during one sex session. So if you can learn how to last longer in bed, then you have the power to give her orgasms over and over again.

Even in one session, these will give your lover more pleasure than she’s probably ever experienced before.

a couple having sex with pleasurePlus, when you figure out how to last longer in bed, you can also get the chance to experience multiple sex positions and approaches for pleasuring her.

These aren’t possible without control over your orgasms.

On top of that, once you start giving your lover these new levels of sexual experience and pleasure, how she looks at and perceives you will change forever.

Giving a woman this kind of pleasure is what raises you to sex god status in her eyes. Forget about trying to convince her to have sex with you.

When you can give her mind blowing pleasure, she’ll want sex from you all the time.

The bottom line is that having the stamina to last over 30 minutes in bed really will transform your sex life. As well as giving you the security that you can stop worrying about her going outside the relationship to fulfill her sexual needs.

So, what does it take to get control over your orgasms and last over 30 minutes in bed consistently?

Well, let me explain by sharing the story of how I made the discovery myself, and pay close attention because what I’m about to share with you literally changed my life.

Diagnosis on PE

As I mentioned earlier I used to be able to last only a few seconds in bed. And every time my ‘early finished’ happened, I hated myself for it.

I couldn’t stand the fact that I wasn’t able to satisfy the woman I was with. So I got determined to solve my problem.

Like you’ve probably done, I tried a whole bunch of different things. I spent a ton of money and did a crazy amount of research.

I ended up trying everything from special condoms, to tips I read online, to some weird solutions that I’m too embarrassed to even mention here.

But none of it worked. And I got really frustrated.

A frustrated man looking over the internetAfter a while I started thinking things like ‘it must just be me’,  ‘maybe other guys who can last long in bed are just lucky’, ‘maybe I’ve got bad genes’.

Sometimes I even tried to avoid having sex so I wouldn’t have to go through the embarrassment of not lasting long enough and therefore face the possibility of my girlfriend leaving me.

I got to the stage where I was just on the brink of giving up trying to understand how to last longer in bed when I made a breakthrough discovery.

I can’t tell you how it came to me. Maybe it had to do with the hours and hours of research and experimentation. It was finally coming together in my subconscious.

And in the short time that followed this breakthrough discovery, my life literally transformed. I went from:

  • Avoiding sex to loving it.
  • Being unable to satisfy my lover to giving her multiple intense orgasms.
  • Having to ask for sex to having her ask me for sex.

And as you’ll find when your lover is truly sexually satisfied, I ended up having a lot of more sex too, because she wanted it (and still does) all the time!

So now you’re probably wondering what is this breakthrough discovery I made that changed my sex life forever?  Well, here it is.

I discovered that ‘being able to last long in bed is a learn-able skill’.

As simple as it might sound, it took me a while to really take this in and accept it, but realizing this is what changed my life.

happy couple in bed having funThe biggest mistake I see men make and the biggest myth I see affecting men is thinking that “there is nothing they can do about premature ejaculation”.

Most men just assume that because they’ve never been able to last long in bed in the past, they’ll never be able to in the future. This just isn’t true.

Learning the Skills

And making this deadly assumption instantly shuts down all the potential you have to take control of your orgasms, start loving sex and become a great lover.

If you take nothing else away from reading this, realize this: having control over your orgasms is a learn-able skill.

How long you last is not a result of your genes, your penis size, your age, what your lover does in bed or anything else.

How long you last in bed is in fact the direct result of the things you do before and during sex.

Let me explain. The only difference between you and a guy who knows how to last longer in bed is the subtle thing you do differently before and during sex.

And these subtle things include everything from your thrusting styles to the sex positions you use, and from your breathing patterns to the thoughts in your head and a whole lot more.

Techniques and Approaches

The problem isn’t that you can’t last long in bed because of how you are as a person. It’s because of these subtle things that you’ve never noticed are affecting your stamina, because no one teaches this stuff!

Various figures showing sex positionsAnd doesn’t it really make sense? If you think about it, you’re probably noticed how thrusting in different ways affects how long you last. Or how certain sex positions cause you to reach orgasm quicker than in other positions.

Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more subtle differences that have a much bigger impact on how to last longer in bed.

And there are some very powerful sex techniques and approaches you can implement to radically change how long you last.

If you can learn to use the right approaches and sex techniques before and during sex, than having control over your orgasms becomes very easy.

When I realized I could learn to how to last longer in bed and apply different sex techniques, my sex life transformed.

As I started using different approaches, I was able to go for as long as I wanted to.

I have been able to give my lover more pleasure than 99% of men in the world would ever give to their women.

Four Keys to End Premature Ejaculation

Now, in a minute I’ll go into the details of what these approaches and techniques you can use to last longer in bed are, but first I want to share with you: 

The four very important keys to male orgasm control.

Because not knowing these 4 keys could alone be what is holding you back from full orgasm control.

Key #1: Forget everything you see in porn

Most men get their sex education from watching porn; but in the process they forget one very important thing: porn is edited.

When you are watching porn you’re not getting the complete picture of what sex is really like and so you shouldn’t base your understanding of sex on it.

A scene from an adult movieThis might sound obvious, but even so, too many men do this.

For example, have you ever stopped to think about how in porn they’ll edit out the scene where the male actor has to take a 5 minute break?

Just because he’s about to ‘blow his load’ early? Or how they don’t show you any of the special techniques some male porn stars use off-camera to help them last longer (more on this in a minute).

And what you’ve also got to realize is that porn is designed for the viewing pleasure of men.

So when you see the female porn start screaming with joy while she’s being pounded at 100 Mph, remember that she gets paid to look satisfied, because a lot of men enjoy watching hard aggressive sex.

Often you don’t need to use the intense thrusting styles that porn-stars use to bring a woman to orgasm. You can instead us different thrusting styles that are much more effective and satisfying to women.

These approaches help you last much longer, but they’d never show these on porn, because they don’t look visually appealing to men.

Key #2: Avoid ‘long lasting’ condoms, creams and pills

There are two big problems with these so called ‘solutions’ for lasting long in bed.

Firstly, you can never really be sure of what chemicals are used in making these products.

Personally, although I have tried some of these solutions, I never felt comfortable applying an unknown substance to an intimate area of mine or ingesting it as a pill.

Even if it did work (and what I’ve tried didn’t, by the way), what could be the side-effects? To me it’s just too bigger risk to rely on this as a permanent solution and I advise you not to either. Especially when there are 100% natural approaches that work much better.

a no sign on various pills and drugsThe second problem with these ‘solutions’ is that they’re incredible inconvenient.

Even if you were willing to take the risk and found something that actually worked, you’d then be dependent on it for long lasting sex.

You’d never have the satisfaction of knowing how to last last longer in bed without any assistance.

On top of that, you’d have to carry it wherever you went in case you wanted sex. You’d constantly need to be supplied with your ‘last longer solution’.

And you’d have to be willing to keep spending your hard-earned money to keep up your supply too. To me, quite simply just not worth it.

Key #3: Stop worrying about your penis size

A lot of guys seem to think that penis size is somehow related to how long you last. Maybe this impression is picked up because porn stars have big penises and can last long, therefor people think a big penis must be needed to last long. If this is how you think, then you need to take a minute to re-think your ideas.

Woman looking down in a mans penisJust because porn stars have big penises doesn’t mean it’s the reason they can last long in bed.

The size of your penis has nothing to do with lasting longer in bed.

It is the specific and subtle things you do before and during sex that determines how long you last, not the size of your penis. So place your focus on where it really matters.

Key #4: Realize it’s not your lover’s fault

Some guys think it’s what their lover does during sex causes them to orgasm quickly. I’m sorry to break it to you, but this simply isn’t true.

As you’re realizing by now, you are the one who is in full control over how long you can last. Because you are the one in control of the things you do before and during sex.

Woman biting a mans ear with passionWhen you start doing the right things before and during sex, it really doesn’t matter what your lover does.

She can even intentionally try and get you to orgasm fast. It won’t matter, because you’ll have such control that you choose when to orgasm.

Again, the key is to put your focus on what really matters, which are the things you control.

So now you have a strong foundation. You know what it really takes to have control over your orgasms and know how to last longer in bed.

But what are the next steps?

What are the specific techniques to take control?

How to last longer in bed as long as you want?


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